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We're often asked to investigate Office 365 environments for suspicious activity, and have contributed a bunch of scripts to make this easier for IT Professionals.

To make these tools work for more people, we're building CloudFixed - a free app to detect suspicious activity and improve your Office 365 security posture.

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How does it work?

Hackers and bad actors will often:

  • Log in from unexpected locations
  • Target accounts with leaked credentials
  • Take advantage of inactive users
  • Use email forwards to steal your company data. 

CloudFixed uses the Microsoft Graph and Office 365 Management APIs to scan for these activities and send you regular reports.

Best practice recommendations

CloudFixed uses the Microsoft Secure Score to assess your environment and suggest quick wins to improve your security posture.

Each recommendation includes a link to resolve any outstanding issues, as well as an estimation of user impact.

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Expert help

If you spot something out of place, or need Microsoft Cloud security advice, click the green support button on any of the reports.

We'll be in touch to provide info and advice.

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